Windows Movie Maker sucks

I have never had the misfortune of working with a program more buggy, incompetent, and downright infuriating as Windows Movie Maker. It is completely useless. Granted, it's a free program. But just because it's free doesn't mean it has to be totally inoperable. It's getting to the point where I can't even import video files without the stupid thing crashing! It just refuses to do anything a video editing program should do, like import and export video files, add music, or allow playback. It is the single worst thing Microsoft has ever put out, and I hope whoever developed it burns in Hell.

I'm serious. This damn program is giving me a freaking ulcer! When I first started using Movie Maker two years ago, I thought it was an alright program. I mean, sure, the interface was hideous and the capabilities were severely lacking -- but for clipping video, adding audio, and just basic editing, it did its job. But as the months go by, my Movie Maker becomes less and less capable of doing even the most menial of tasks. Want to save a movie file? SORRY! You'll have to exit out, reboot the computer, open the project back up, and save it again before it will do anything. And even then, it probably won't work. Would you like to add some music to this video clip? Go right head, but it's going to be a NIGHTMARE!

I feel like I'm being tested. Like Satan is just waiting for me to snap and commit murder because of Movie Maker, a program he and only he could have devised -- it's that evil. And it always says, "Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem," like it was an accident and this problem just happened to befall poor little Movie Maker. How would the world work if every time someone got into a car accident, or shot somebody, or dropped a jar of SARS, they shrugged and said, "Sorry, I encountered a problem." No! Y'know what, Windows Movie Maker? Own up and take responsibility for your shortcomings! You're a piece of crap and everyone knows it. It's time you took off the blinders and realized that you are a completely inept and entirely useless program fit only for picture slideshows.

Anyone know of any cheap alternatives to Movie Maker? And don't tell me iMovie, because my access to Macs is limited. And I have a beef with them too at the moment. Adobe Premiere, though awesome, is too spendy for my wallet. Sony Vegas too is a bit pricey. Any other programs out there that are reliable and work well with most video and audio formats?

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  1. In a few months I'm going to buy Final Cut Express and see how it works. Wouldn't it be cool if the computers in our office came with Premier?


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