Hello and welcome to Rocket Number 09!

Hi there! Take off your coat, put up your feet, stick around awhile. You've wandered into Rocket Number 09, my personal blog / outlet for my insatiable rage. Perhaps you've migrated from my former site, Mattinee. Or maybe you're here from Facebook, Rotten Tomatoes or Flixtser. Or, hell, maybe you did a Google search for "annoying college students with stupid blogs" and hit "I'm feeling lucky."

Whatever the reason, you're here, and I'm glad to have you.

Rocket Number 09, as it is advertised, offers regularly-updated blog entries ranging from film reviews, entertainment commentary, day-to-day musings and mindless ramblings. I'll write about anything and everything, and provide each and every entry marinated in sarcasm and slow-cooked over a burning pile of "Gymkata" DVDs. Smell good, don't they?

So, look around. Browse a few of my entries, check out my viewing log, leave a few comments if the urge strikes you. Welcome to my blog ... and I hope you enjoy reading my stuff as much as I enjoy writing it.

1 comment:

  1. I love it.

    I love the new color scheme, the rocket is especially cool, and the new freedom you have without the whole film constriction.

    Big typo, though. "Feeback," on the right-hand column. Just lettin' you know. Great stuff, hun. It's awesome.


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