Chivalry isn't dead: man wields sword, attempts to save woman

I know I promised a review today, but I'm short on time and even shorter on motivation. So, in its place, I thought I'd fill you guys in on a bit of amusing news. David Doege of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes:


How awesome is that? A guy hears a woman screaming for help, so he grabs a cavalry saber and lopes upstairs to save her? I had assumed that kind of blatant chivalry (or insanity, I suppose) was dead.

As has been pointed out to me, however, the guy seems a little off. Lives with his mom, doesn't own a telephone, keeps a well-maintained bladed-weapon handy ... a few things that may call his character into question. But, look at that mug. He seems normal enough (except for that manic look in his eyes -- what's up with that?).

Anyway, just a bit of entertaining news for you.


  1. First off, why did you link to this one and not include the one about the one where they actually had a swordfight IN THE ROOM?

    Secondly, where's my recognition?


  2. Yeah, for the record, Jeff informed me of this story.

  3. I feel ... important, now. Wheee.

    Is this how the Angels feel?

  4. Just, for the record, I was not referring to Angels of the Heavenly Choir, but, rather, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Located In Orange County, California, United States of America on Earth orbiting Sol in the Milky Way.


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