The Serial Adventures of The Red Rocket! (Episode 6: The Return of The Blue Bomber!)

Concealed quite deftly within craggy walls of solid rock and residing approximately 1.4 miles below the Earth’s surface, Blue Bomber smiled devilishly. He heaved his massive shoulders, chuckling deep within his chest. His latest plan, one he had been carefully devising since his last encounter with the heroic Red Rocket, was foolproof. It was so undeniably and wickedly clever, he himself couldn’t believe its authenticity. Red Rocket would never see it coming … and by the time the realization came to him, it would be far too late to do anything about it.

Yes, this was a plan unlike any he had ever hatched. This was a villainous plot for the books. This was to be Red Rocket’s demise.

His menacing laugh echoed throughout the caverns of his hideout.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, half-the-world away, Red Rocket sank his balled fist into the jaw of the evil and self-absorbed Important Guy. The meaty, pinkish hulk of a man reeled, blood spattering his power tie and fine dress-shirt. He growled angrily at this, and drew one of the many cellphones from his belt. Pressing the ringer button, a shrill, turbulent blast of sound erupted forth.

Rocket brought his shield up and the sound-wave splashed harmlessly against the hardened steel. He wasted no time in retaliating, and brought the edge of his trusty shield into the gut of Important Guy.

With a groan, Important Guy sank to his knees and lapsed into unconsciousness. Red Rocket stood triumphant, his winning smile gleaming against the noonday sun. Fervent applause from the assembled crowd met his victory.

The deli’s owner, a middle-aged, kind-faced man, approached. “Thank God you showed up, Red Rocket! Who knows what that fiend would have done if I had forgotten the sweet pickles on his sandwich!”

Red Rocket nodded curtly to the deli’s proprietor. “Only doing my job, sir. Important Guy has caused this sort of trouble before. He’s as tactless as he is impatient. Heed him no mind, you’re running a fine little establishment here.”

The owner beamed. “Thank you, Rocket! God Bless!”

With a final salute to the deli’s occupants, Rocket bolted out the door, leapt onto a nearby fire escape, and was gone. The crowd broke into excited murmuring.

“What a standup guy!”

“Boy, he sure showed that jerk, eh?”

“What a handsome man.”

“What a sad excuse for a human being!”

The crowd went silent at this, their mouths agape at the speaker; a small, demure man with greasy black hair, thick-rimmed glasses and a rather nasty scar adorning his left cheek. His thin, oily lips curled into a sneer at the people’s shock.

“What, you all think that crimson bozo is a hero? Please, he doesn’t hold a candle to the awesome might of Blue Bomber!”

“Blue Bomber? Who the hell is that?” asked the deli owner, confusion on his face.

“He’s the greatest hero the world has ever known, you dolt!”

“Oh …” the man hushed himself.

“And soon, you all will see why!”

The man was met with dismissive waves, a few lewd gestures and some dirty looks. He ignored them and instead approached the prone form of Important Guy, who moaned in agony. The man bent low, so as to speak in Important Guy’s ear (which was currently residence to one of those flashing ear-pieces).

“I know you want Red Rocket dead as much as the rest of us. There is a way. We have uncovered his one weakness and we need you to help us exploit it. The Blue Bomber sends his regards. When you awake, you will head to the 5th Street bus terminal and await further instructions. Grunt if you understand.”

There was a barely audible “uhhm” from Important Guy and the man took that as a yes.

“Very well, Important Guy. We look forward to working with you.” He stood. “We ALL look forward to working with you.”

With a quiet chuckle, the man left.

And thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface, Blue Bomber plotted and waited …

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