Batman vs Joker vs Alien vs Predator

A match made in heaven? This film critic thinks so.

Been in a Batman mood lately. All the rumors floating about online for "The Dark Knight," the spy images of Joker ... plus, I'm currently reading "The Dark Knight Returns" for like, the fourth time. Anyway, all this Batman media being crammed into my brain reminded me of a super-cool independent film I discovered last year.

Batman: Dead End

Definitely something to check out. It's a cool little short featuring Batman squaring off against a few Aliens and a Predator. It sounds ridiculous, I know ... but if you really think about, you know you've been waiting for this your whole life.


  1. hi...I'm a huge Batman fan...and Predator is my rolemodel...so...I was wondering...where can I get this movie ''dead end''?...pozz...come by to my site...

  2. You are so cute and SO geeky :D I totally want to kiss you.

  3. You can find this video on YouTube. I am also a big fan of both characters, however I find predator slightly more interesting.

  4. Slightly more interesting? I think I might cry. But... But... Batman is AWESOME! yep. thats where I stand. batman > predator.
    (not saying predator isnt cool, that being said... batman has been around in my life since i can remember.)

  5. OMG yes! I agree!
    think about it...batman vs. predator ha! that'd be so cool!

    now..if this was gonna be real, i'd love to see Christian Bale as Batman for this <3

    i absolutly love him as batman..so hott.

    WHO WOULD WIN?!?!?
    omg if bale wins <3<3<3
    but it'd make sense if predator wins...cuz he's like friggen alien. =P
    sorry Bale <3

  6. This is an excellent short film. Dark, grimy, filthy -- and a sick ending.

  7. I Love that film, it is excelent!!! I always make wallpapers for it!!!

  8. i never knew about this film

  9. are you ready? i´m Batman


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