New artwork for 'The Fountain' DVD released -- thank God

After an internet uproar from fans in response to the original cover artwork for the release of "The Fountain" on DVD, director Darren Aronofsky petitioned studios for a re-do. Thank the Lord, the studios complied. This new cover is easily a thousand times better.

Check out the images here:


Now I'm looking forward to this release even more. The 105-minute documentary doesn't hurt matters either.

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  1. Man... I've been away from the RT forums for a long time, so I didn't hear a single word about the original cover of The Fountain, nor did I even think about checking for it... but damn. That thing was awful.

    The movie itself was such a feast for the eyes, full of symbolic and beautiful images; you would think they would treat the DVD cover with the same care instead of making it look every bit like the cover of every romance story ever to come out of Hollywood.
    This new one is interesting. I like it loads more.


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