R#09 Vlog 05: Summer Movie Preview!

All images courtesy of their respective studios.


  1. NORINN RADD!!!!!!

    Also, I will never stop seeing Ocean's movies, as long as they come out. Nor will I not watch them when I come across them on TV. It has little to do with the quality of the movies themselves, but rather the soundtracks. Absolutely love 'em.

  2. Correction: not NOT watch them when I come across them on TV. Was sure I had that second not in there.

  3. Nice video, man. I was a fan of yours when you were still Mattinee, but R#09 is a pretty rockin' setup as well. I agree on most of your picks as well, although I won't touch SHREK 3 with a ten-foot pole, O13 will be as suave and fun as the first, and TRANSFORMERS will be the most crotch-grabbingly awesome event of the summer. KNOCKED UP will also be the funniest rat-pack film (basically Non-BORAT film) since ANCHORMAN. Bold predictions,

    The Shotcaller


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