Shooting guys with plastic BB pellets: my new pastime ...

You scramble through the shrubbery, your heart pounding, sweat beading heavily on your forehead. The M82p assault rifle, slung over one shoulder, bounces lightly on your back as you nimbly hop from one log to the next. You hear your pursuers, crashing along behind you, drawing closer with each second. If you misstep, you're tagged; if you falter, even for the briefest moment, you're tagged. You push the thoughts out of your mind and urge yourself forward.

A large tree ahead of you promises sufficient cover. You wheel into it, its bark digging into your back as you catch your breath. You load a fresh magazine into the M82p and click off the safety, opting for the "full-auto" setting. Risking a glance past the tree's branches, you spot the enemy: two of them, toting semi-automatic blowback pistols. They hike briskly through the brush, their eyes scanning the trees ... for you.

You take a long, steadying breath and tuck the stock of the rifle into your shoulder. It's now or never. Wait any longer, and they'll be too close ... too close for your M82p, but just right for their semi-autos. You step to the right, take half-a-second to aim, and pull the trigger. The gun kicks ever so slightly, spraying the nearest gunman with a burst of deadly pellets. He grunts as you pelt him with two rounds, three and a fourth headshot. He topples.

One down. One to go.

You hear him as he slides back the hammer on his semi-auto. He's close now ... close enough to tag you. You spin, emerging on the left side of the trunk. He's there, pistol raised. You squeeze the trigger, only to hear the tell-tale click! of a chamber jam. Swearing, you drop the useless assault rifle and go for your sidearm, holstered at your hip.

Too late. Too slow.

Sharp pinpricks of stinging pain explode across your body, spanning your thighs, abdomen, chest and arms. You fall against the trunk of the tree, your body throbbing with the dull sting of a dozen plastic rounds. Your opponent stands triumphant, his pistol leveled at your head. He smiles.

"Up for another round?"

This is airsoft. This is my new hobby.

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  1. You're such a geek. But I love you! :)


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