So sleepy ...

Hey, folks. I really wanted to do a review of "Hot Fuzz" today (which was freakin' awesome), but I'm just so burnt out. So, I'm going to pass on that, and do that in a few days instead. Also, keep an eye out for my review of "Waking Life" and "Vacancy," which will be up within the week.



  1. In response to your "Bjork is Unlistenable. Period." Thought of the Day, I'd like to say that for the most part, you're right. But she does have one song that is completely different from all of her others I really like, despite hardly liking anything else. Great song.


  2. I agree, Jess.

    After all, a clock is right twice a day, so the next time Bjork releases a good song, we can effectively write off any and all of her successive work.


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