The Joker officially revealed ...

Sorry about the lack of a Sunday entry, folks. Got caught up with finals work and Neverwinter Nights. But I come to you today with exciting news:

The Joker, as he will appear in 2009's "The Dark Knight," has been officially revealed through a viral marketing campaign. Warner Bros launched "I Believe in Harvey Dent" in anticipation for the film. At the same time, another site, "I Believe in Harvey Dent Too," was launched -- presumably by The Joker.

The site featured an image of Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart in the film) slowly, pixel by pixel, deteriorating into a separate image. Fans refreshed the page for hours, eventually uncovering what is believed to be the first official release of the Joker's look for "The Dark Knight."

You can find the image here.

My thoughts? I personally think it's awesome. I love the scarring around the mouth and the dark circles surrounding the eyes. I'd like to see a pic of him smiling maniacally, but this brooding tone is fine for a first image.

The "I Believe in Harvey Dent Too" page has since been taken down (though if you highlight the page ... you receive a very creepy surprise. Try it).

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  1. I saw the "I believe in Harvey Dent" page this morning when I first logged into google - RT announced it. It was way cool. I'm glad you found the image.

    This makes me so excited. I absolutely love what they're doing to the Batman franchise. It's just so dark and ... fun.

    *giggles like a three year-old*


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