Trailer Trashing: 1-18-08 (Cloverfield)

In which I begin trashing trailers! Oh, well ... I suppose I'm not trashing this one. Basically, this is the first episode of a new series in which I review trailers. First up is J.J. Abrams' "1-18-08," otherwise known as "Cloverfield" and "Monstrous." Enjoy!


  1. J.J. Abram's words at Comic-Con were "We need our own Godzilla."


    I'm so excited for this movie. I'm not a huge fan of shaky cam for five minutes in action scenes - I can't imagine sitting through it for two hours. The director hasn't done anything but TV... so, there isn't anything to go off of there, but based on premise alone, I don't think the guys in charge are complete morons. I think they know that two-hour shaky cam would be annoying as hell.

    Anyways... I really like this new idea. First one was good, just don't let "Trailer Trashing" happen as little as your other vlogs.

  2. Ain't It Cool was hinting that it might be called "Colossus"... Apparently "Monstruous" was just a tagline.

  3. Oh and http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/showthread.php?t=571957

    Can I just say that I LOVE the viral marketing being done by the guys with "The Dark Knight"? There's supposedly something going down at ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com where, if enough people put in their email address, a new picture will be revealed. Eek!


    <--- lives in Seattle.

    Anywho, good idea to do the trailers. I like.

    The trailer in itself is really good. Like, amazing! The whole amateur camera thing makes it so much more hectic. Too often trailers tell you everything you need to know about a movie within, like, two minutes, so then there's really no point to go to the movie. But this one was delectably subtle.

    And actually, the director has done more then T.V. He directed Mission Impossible III, which was pretty kick ass. So this should be pretty good. :D

    Sorry, back to the preview; yeah. It looks awesome. Woot!

  5. Hm... I imdb'd him, and I must not have looked down far enough.
    So... you're right, he did write for and direct MI3 and Produced some "Lost" episodes.

    However, after switching to the director, Matt Reeves, he also has done very little. He has directed a lot of TV including "Felicity" and "Gideon's Crossing". hm...

  6. But think about the quality of the stuff he's done, not the quantity. The action in MI: III was fantastic, and Alias was a great show, fantastically directed.

    I dunno... I think his track record is pretty good, though, suffice it to say, he hasn't done that much.


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