Back in action

After nearly four months of dormancy, Rocket Number 09 has returned with a brand new layout and a solemn promise from yours truly. While I was working over at Here's Looking at Film, I kept checking back here at Rocket Number 09. I would keep things tidy, dust off my posts, toss the occasional spam comment in the trash, etcetera. But eventually, I came to realize something: Rocket Number 09, even after three and-a-half months without a single new post, takes in, on average, 300 views per day.

I realized that people were still reading. And they were checking everyday.

So here I am, back in the saddle with my most successful blog to date. Does this mean Here's Looking at Film is over? Absolutely not. I've really enjoyed writing film reviews over there with Kolby, and you can count on my continued updates there as well. But Rocket Number 09 is and will always be my online home, and it's awesome to be back.

So look for semi-frequent updates. I can't promise daily updates like I did last year (boy, those were the days, eh?), but I can assure you that I will put forth my best effort to keep the posts coming. Thanks to everybody who kept checking in on my humble blog, and I hope to see your continued interest.

I'm back. And this time it's personal.


  1. I'm glad you decided not to go with the poop-on-khakis color scheme.

    Welcome back, kid.

  2. The more I looked at the poop-on-khakis scheme, the less I liked it.

  3. Nice to see you back in action, I was always so much more enformed when I read you blog because you know how I am, I can't be bothered to read anymore. I didnt even noticed your poop-on-khakis..now Im going to have to look at it and probably dislike it.

  4. The poop-on-khakis was Kat's name for an early color scheme I was futzing with. After she pointed that out, I immediately changed it. I much prefer this one now.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Daniel!


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