Hulk and Abomination look ... cool!

So, we're all in agreement that Ang Lee's Hulk sucked on toast, right? Well, Transporter director Louis Leterrier is helming a "re-imagined" Hulk film due out this summer, with Ed Norton in the lead role and Tim Roth as the villain.

AICN has two juicy shots from the teaser, which is available on MTV right now, featuring the baddie of the film, Abomination, and the Raging Green Giant himself.

My thoughts? Promising.

But it's still no Iron Man.


  1. Whoa, whoa. I look away for one day and you suddenly post three entries. Ause-controlle.

    Anyways, I've never seen Edward Norton in a bad roll. I just think he seems to have extremely good taste in the rolls he chooses. So ... either he saw something promising here and it's going to be awesome, or his winning streak is about to end. Everyone picks a dud now and then.

    However, you're right. Abomination looks awesome. I never read the comics and have nothing to compare him to, but he looks badass nonetheless.

  2. Yeah, I realized I was neglecting my blog and I have a surplus of entries on the back burner.

    The presence of Ed Norton, Tim Roth and William Hurt in this film definitely give me hope. The trailer was pretty meh, but there also wasn't a lot of actual footage of the Hulk in it, so ... we'll see.

    Oh, and this what Abomination looked like in the comics.


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