Jackson, Del Toro to host live Hobbit chat -- R#09 will be there!

Hey folks! Exciting news today. I have been registered and approved to attend the live internet chat hosted by producer Peter Jackson and director Guillermo Del Toro concerning The Hobbit. I will be sure and get a few questions in, and report back with transcripts. This is a very exciting opportunity for R#09, and I hope you all will keep a close watch come May 24 for entries on the chat.

If you'd like to attend the chat, visit http://www.wetanz.com and register! Be quick about it, though. Only a few spots left! And, of course, if you have any questions you'd like for me to pose to Jackson and Del Toro, you can leave them here in a comment.

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  1. Eek! That's exciting! You're awesome.


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