See the trailer for Zack Snyder's Watchmen (and other exciting blog stuff)!

In the world of graphic novels, there is one title vaulted above all others by nerds everywhere: Watchmen. And now Zack Snyder, director of the visually impressive 300, has debuted the trailer for his upcoming film adaptation of Alan Moore's classic mind-bending comic book. Check it out exclusively at Apple. It looks to me like Snyder has outdone himself; Watchmen looks promising.

In other comic book news, The Dark Knight is out and people are watching it right now. You might be thinking, "Matt, what the freaking hell are you doing not watching the The Dark Knight?" Rest assured, readers. I am seeing The Dark Knight in a mere nine hours and shall report back promptly with a review. So look forward to that!

In non-comic-related news, I'm polishing up my review for D&D 4th Edition as I type this. And I've also just finished writing episode four of Trailer Trashing. Trust me, folks, you should be excited. This is a whole new direction for Trailer Trashing, and I hope you'll love it. So, in the next few days, expect many strange and wonderful things to befall my blog. Keep your eyes peeled!

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