The Great Trashing 2008

Writers, comedians, friends, countrymen, random online foot-traffickers: get those creative juices flowing, because for the first time in the history of Trailer Trashing, creator Matt Click is inviting the community to get involved! It’s the first annual Great Trashing! Enter your own witty, snarky, or otherwise humorous riffs and hear them performed by Matt in a special super-episode of Trailer Trashing to be released in February 2009! Your name will also appear in the credits. And don’t even get us started on the unceasing adoration you will receive for having contributed to Trailer Trashing in a fun and meaningful way!

Trailer Trashing is the brainchild of blogger Matt Click. Consisting of humorous and biting commentaries recorded over trailers, advertisements, and short films of yesteryear, Trailer Trashing has only grown in popularity and production value since its inception last year.

You can watch episodes of Trailer Trashing here.

How to Enter:

Submissions will be accepted from December 20, 2008 until January 20, 2009. That’s a month to get your riffs in!

Getting involved is simple! Watch the selected short, a classic 1951 educational film entitled Drug Addition (find it at the bottom of this post). When you think of something funny, simply type it up in a word document with the included timestamp and on-screen prompt. Like this:

03:26 (guy rolls down his car window) Insert snarky comment here!

Now just attach your word document to an email and send it to rocketnumber09@gmail.com with the subject line “Great Trashing Submission [Name].” You can also simply include your riffs in the body of the email if you’d like.

You can write as many or as few riffs as you want, and the best part of it all is that you’re guaranteed to hear at least one of your submitted riffs in the finished episode! So make sure to tune in this February to hear your writing featured on an episode of Trailer Trashing. Now go write and get those submissions in by January 20!

Questions or comments? No worries! Send any queries you might have pertaining to The Great Trashing or Trailer Trashing in general to rocketnumber09@gmail.com. And please, send this information along to funny friends and relatives. The more the merrier. And head here to RSVP at the Facebook event!

And for your Trashing pleasure, here is the short, Drug Addiction:

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