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One of the largest problems that geeks face today concerns play surfaces. Either a table is too small, or perhaps it's too big (meaning the surface area does not allow everyone to gather around within arm's reach of a game's board and components). Perhaps one can fit a board game on the table, but then where do the snacks, the drinks go? I know I don't want to spill Mountain Dew all over Agricola. And now the night is over, but the game isn't — does one clean up, or does one leave the game out, its pieces subject to environmental hazards, food spills, and curious pets?

Well, it looks as though a company has finally taken an interest in delivering finely crafted game surfaces, because Geek Chic is impressing everyone in the tabletop community with its selection of handmade, heirloom quality play surfaces.

First up, there is the Emissary: a simple dropped-play surface that doubles as a dining table. When you're done gaming for the night, there's no need to clean up the game or lose your progress in a D&D campaign — there's a handy cover that slips right over, shielding your game and leaving the surface available for food and what have you.

The table also features drawers and pull-out desks for players to keep gaming peripherals, character sheets, snacks, and drinks — far out of reach of the expensive game components. Possibly the coolest feature is the flip-out GM station, complete with foldaway screen and a large, pull-out surface for gaming materials and secret dice rolling.

On top of this, the Emissary also utilizes a "layer-cake" system of interchangable play mats, including a white-board surface, a grid map with squares and hexes, and various other maps and play surfaces. It's a true geek's table, one I could easily see myself buying at some point. After all, a nice dining table could easily cost me $1500. Why not get the Emissary and double-up on the table's uses?

For the wealthier nerd, we also have the Sultan, a true marvel of craftsmanship (and geekmanship). It has everything the Emissary sports, plus built-in dice-towers, storage solutions, and a multitude of other awesome features.

So head over to Geek Chic and check them out. A nerd can dream, can't he?

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