Arcane Legions reviews make the rounds

Reviews are cropping up online for Arcane Legions. The demos have been shipped to retailers, and yours truly has his hands on a copy. I will be play-testing this weekend, with a review to follow shortly. The best and most thorough review comes courtesy of Trask over at LivingDice. He seems to echo some of my early sentiments, just in my little experience with the game (which includes assembling the army and reading the rules a few times over). Common complaints seem to be lengthy set-up of the miniatures, and an overall lack of quality in the miniatures themselves.

While I definitely feel that the Arcane Legions minis aren't up the quality of higher-priced fair such as Warhammer 40k, I would argue that the miniatures aren't bad. Rather, they're quite good for the price. And for $35, you're getting over a hundred minis. I'm not complaining. Honestly, the price is right.

However, I do hope the guys over at Wells Expeditions heed these early reviews and take note: Work on the quality of the minis, leave less work for the consumer, and please, for God's sake, print the serial numbers clearly on the bottom of the minis!

My review will be up early next week! In the meantime, sit tight, and look for the Great Trashing, online this weekend!

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