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Hello friends. I have a favor to ask. My very good friend, Jake K.M. Paikai, is facing a very real, very scary health crisis. You see, Jake is morbidly obese, and his weight, and the numerous health risks that lie therein, are catching up to him. He needs $60,000 for a gastric bypass procedure. And while this seems like an unattainable sum, especially for somebody without health insurance, Jake is a legitimately amazing person, and as such, he is using his story as a way to raise money for himself and for others like him struggling with morbid obesity. He's launched MyBypassSurgery and is accepting donations now. Please, for my friend Jake and others like him, visit and consider donating to his cause.

I just donated $22. It might sound selfish, but I'm not just doing this for my friend Jake — I'm doing it for my own benefit. You see, because Jake is an amazing person in my life. And he needs to continue to be. He is someone who has been there for me in some hard times, and someone who has helped me immensely in achieving things I did not think were possible. In some ways, I'm just returning the favor. I know for a fact Jake would donate for me — I know for a fact that Jake would do anything to help save my life.

And so how can I say no to donating just $22? Why not $44? $88?

I should do everything in my power to help my friend Jake. Because I want him to continue working within my life.

Think about a person in your life whom you want to keep around — somebody who is maybe facing a deadly health risk. Is there somebody facing a health risk — diabetes, heart disease, others? — caused by obesity? Think about them, and then donate. Please donate and help my friend Jake. Donate to help everyone in this country and in our world struggling with morbid obesity. We can all help to beat this. Thank you.


  1. Hay! Its Jakes Mommy!(MIMI)
    Just wanted to thank you and all Jakes friends! May God Bless you all!
    Mimi Sprinkle(Jakes Mama)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mimi! Jake has such a great core of friends and family — I'm sure we can make this happen if we work together and get the word out. Thanks again for the comment!


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