Meeting Ken Scholes

Monumental nerd and fantasy / sci-fi author Ken Scholes stopped by the Garfield Book Company in Parkland this evening. Aside from being a badass of an author, Scholes is also a self-confessed D&D nerd and a lover of Firefly. I'm in the middle of his first novel, Lamentation, which is an amazing blend of fantasy and science-fiction. Scholes was a totally laid-back guy who walked around before his reading and schook hands with each member of the audience, personally introducing himself and even remembering everyone's names for the signing later on.

Scholes gave some great advice to everyone, but it almost seemed, at times, like he was speaking directly to me. About that little critical voice that every writer has, Scholes said, "Shut the f*ck up and write."

Check out Scholes' website and definitely give Lamentation and its sequel, Cantical, a read.

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