Avatar sinks Titanic

It's official. James Cameron's sci-fi hit Avatar has surpassed Titanic in worldwide box office sales. Soaring over $1.2 billion this week put Avatar one step above Cameron's earlier film.

"Avatar" is the winner and new worldwide boxoffice champion.
After six rounds on the foreign circuit, "Avatar" is now the biggest-grossing film of all time, as earlier predicted.
Distributor 20th Century Fox said the James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster's worldwide cume -- excluding Puerto Rico -- was through the weekend just $2 million shy of "Titanic's" global boxoffice record of $1.843 billion. (Boxoffice in Puerto Rico, although generated offshore, is considered by Fox as part of its domestic total.)
The distributor confirmed that "Titanic's" historic benchmark fell as of early Monday.

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