Awesome Thing: Sword Practice

Heeeeey. How did eBaum's get a hold of my video camera?

Hell, at least the guy's being active and getting fresh air. It's more than I can say for a lot of people.


  1. Thayer Lafleur1/23/10, 8:26 PM

    ...does he know the sheath's still on?
    also, does he know he's not Musashi?
    furthermore, whose backyard is he in and does he have a permit to film there?
    all left unanswered...

  2. @Thayer: I'm pretty sure he's using wooden swords. Maybe Kendo swords? And no, I'm fairly certain he is not aware that he is not Miyamoto Musashi.

  3. The most shocking part of this video:

    The hair. So innocent and unassuming from the front... then BAM. WHOA. He turns slightly... That hair needs to never happen. It's a weapon in its own right.


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