Conan O'Brien's Most Expensive Comedy Sketch Ever

As a big, metaphorical finger to NBC as he departs, late night host (and personal hero of mine) Conan O'Brien is cramming as many expensive comedy sketches into the Tonight Show as he can before his final episode this coming Friday. The story is that NBC has to foot the bill to any and all sketches done on the Tonight Show.

From Media ITE:
Remember Conan O’Brien’s $1.5 million comedy sketch/up yours to NBC involving a Bugatti Veyron and The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” last night?
Well if you missed it, you won’t find it on NBC.com or Hulu.com, because NBC has removed the segment from the show. It will certainly save them some money. But you can still watch it here!
“We can do whatever we want, and they have to pay for it,” O’Brien said in introducing the sketch. And later, while describing the reason for playing the Stones’ “Satisfaction,” he said, “Is it crazy expensive to play on the air, not to mention the rights to re-air this clip on the internet? Hell yes!”
HI-LARIOUS. Check out the clip below. And go Team Coco!

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