Has Spider-Man found its director and lead?

Vulture can report that Sony will imminently announce a deal with (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb to direct not one, but three Spider-Man movies in a rebooted franchise that will focus far more on the private life of Peter Parker.
Webb, whose (500) Days scored a Golden Globe nomination and whose name seems to have predestined him for this job, has long been a favorite of Columbia chairman Amy Pascal. We're told that last year she very nearly hired him to direct the adaptation of Michael Lewis’s Moneyball after she pulled the plug on Steven Soderbergh three days before shooting. She ultimately chose Bennett Miller (Capote), thinking that Moneyball might be hurt by Webb's whimsical style, but she views him as a latter-day Cameron Crowe for the economically and socially angsty Generation Y, and thinks he'd be perfect to explore the conflict within Parker.
Alright, so Webb is locked in. But what about our new teenage Peter Parker?
The second piece of news is more rumor than anything. Aceshowbiz.com is reporting that Jim Sturgess, who made waves in "Across the Universe", is in the running for the role of Peter Parker. Ok, I'm sure he looks like Peter Parker, but if they're going back to high school with the character, then don't cast a 28 year old actor to play the part. I know Tobey was old, but he was already established in the role and his character had grown over the three films.
I have to agree on this point. Sturgess is way too old to pull off a high school nerd. I don't know. This whole reboot business is just ... stupid to me. I'll keep an eye on developments, but consider this comic book nerd wary.

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