Superman is real — and British

The Sun reports that a man dressed as Superman saved a woman in a bar from date-rape when she was slipped Rohypnol in her drink.
After recovering from partial paralysis in hospital, Elizabeth, 26, made an appeal to track down her Superman using the local paper in her hometown of Wigan, Lancs.
Modest hero Paul Longmire came forward. He had been out with pals in the costume borrowed from a friend.
The marketing executive, 23, said: "We saw Elizabeth stumble and go down face first. I tried supporting her but her legs kept giving way so I just picked her up and carried her outside before the ambulance came.
"She was shivering so I wrapped my cape around her then left. It wasn't heroic. I just helped someone."
Sounds like a stand-up guy to me.

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  1. Some American neo-con just shat himself. Superman? British? Eff yes. Today's lesson: there's a little bit of Superman in each and every one of us... except date rapists.


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