It's just another manic Monday ... I wish it was--ah, you know the rest

Ah, Monday …

Is there really anyone on the planet who can say that they don’t hate Monday? It’s the bane of happiness and joy, an infernal day of sorrow and stress. As the alarm blares to life, the realization that it is indeed Monday hits you full in the face with the abrupt force of an anvil. Your dreams – happy, nightmare and otherwise – fade into oblivion, forgotten as you trudge to the bathroom to shower. You sigh heavily, already developing a migraine. Sunlight seems harsher; grogginess seems heavier. You feel … well, you feel much like our poor friend Garfield here (but let’s be honest – he had it comin’).

Your head swims with muddled, disorganized plans. And all the while, you can’t help but look longingly to Friday, now only a faint light on the horizon. You feel as though your weekend lasted all of an hour-and-a-half. You had so many plans, so many things you wanted to do. You wanted to finally put up those posters in your room. You had plans to go to a movie, to eat at that new Applebee’s down the road.

But now the weekend is over; and what did you do? You sat on your ass for two days in your sweats, moving only to go to the bathroom and zap yourself a hot pocket for lunch. You feel like a failure, like the weekend was a wasted opportunity. There’s no time for posters or Applebee’s now – school, work or family now occupies the bulk of your time. It’s back to life as usual, the monotonous drudgery that we come to loathe so heatedly.

Monday means headaches. It means homework, quizzes and presentations. It means longer hours and more customers at work. It fills your head with worries and stresses that flare in your mind through the day, like horrid reminders of all the tasks you must accomplish before week’s end.

I will sometimes attempt feebly to make the best of Monday. Hell, I might very occasionally have a Monday that doesn’t drop me into a deep, dark depression. But I can never change the fact that its Monday, the most hated and feared day of the week (yes, even more so than crazy Thursday).

Today is a Monday I will try to make the best of. I’ll wake up at 9:00 and eat a quick breakfast before hopping in Maureen (my car, of course) and heading to campus for a three-hour class on achieving social justice and peace. I’ll grab lunch at the little coffee shop down the street (a BLT sounds good) and meet my group to go over our presentation on Wednesday. After a couple hours, I’ll head home for dinner. I’ll study a bit for the test tomorrow and then hunker down to watch Steve McQueen in “Bullitt.”

And then it’ll be time for bed. And Tuesday will be upon me. I’ve got no beef with Tuesday. Tuesday has always been good to me.

Monday’s are horrible, yeah. They’re annoying and they stink (I’m running out of insults for Monday). But I’ll have a BLT and Steve McQueen to get me through it. And really, what else do you need?


  1. Yeah... Monday's the worst. *shakes fist angrily at Monday*
    Anyways... As sad as it is, I always find that the best remedy for Monday is thinking up cool things to do on Tuesday and then look forward to them.
    It definitely doesn't make Monday any better, but it helps you get through.
    Fight the good fight.

  2. Ooh! The new Applebees is open? I feel like I missed a momentous occasion.

    Oh, and if you ever want people to NOT burn your house down, I suggest never using a picture of Garfield again in a blog.

    If it makes you feel better: At least your Monday didn't start by realizing "Crap, I slept through my first two classes" and then hearing your roommate (loudly) on the phone going "Shit, shit! I slept through ALL my classes! No. What? What day is it? No, day of the week! What? It's Saturday? It's SATURDAY?! What days is it?"

    So, I slept through my first two classes, and then couldn't even enjoy the residual sleep. Because she's loud and dumb.



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