Apologies are for wusses

Alright, listen up, scumbags.

I'm not going to post anything substantial tonight. Don't ask why you inebriated pale of pig spit! Whoa, sorry about that. Lost it for a second. I'm tired, you know.

But if you absolutely must know, it's because I've had a rather hectic couple of days, which included but were not limited meeting Sean Penn, attending a Peace Rally, spending a sleepless night watching movies, having my car break down, spending $135 on a new alternator for my car, working late because a certain co-worker of mine left all the returns for me to do and buying all of my textbooks because Spring semester begins tomorrow, with a 9:15 research writing class heading things up for me.

There. Good enough reason for you?

And yes, keeping true to my promise to post daily, I have published an entry. And though it isn't much, it is an excuse. Not an apology mind you, for I have absolutely nothing to apologize for. I don't feel I have to explain myself to you people.

However, expect a substantial entry tomorrow, I have the night off. Keep it real, readers. Oh, and sorry for yelling at you.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing you say can take away the initial pain of being yelled at. I'm telling mom.

    Oh, and sounds like granny ripped ya off, eh? I can see it now:

    E.S.: "That should teach her to take my car from me!"
    Mrs. Click: "Who?"
    E.S. "Tim!"


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