I have discovered Bawls and I'm never turning back

On this most auspicious day – the very day that, 19 years ago, I was brought into this world – I’ve decided to write a few words on a miraculous beverage that I have recently discovered and subsequently developed a severe addiction to.

It’s a wonderful drink called Bawls.

I decided, on a whim, to buy a bottle of this ambrosia-like energy drink a few days ago. I found myself drudging through the morning on ten minutes of sleep and wandered into a gas station, desperate for a shot of concentrated caffeine.

I’m not really one for energy drinks. They tend to taste like cough syrup – too sweet, you know. But I had heard good things about these blue bottles of heaven. So I took a chance and bought one.

The first sip was intriguing. Fizzy, light without being devoid of flavor – like a strange mixture of sprite, soda water and just the slightest sweet hint of fruit. It tickled down my throat, ice cold Bawls Guarana.

You see, Bawls lends its pure “wake up” goodness to the Guarana berry, which contains a ton of natural caffeine. This Guarana is healthier than your typical run of the mill caffeine. Oh, and did I mention that the caffeine in Bawls is 2.5 times more potent than that in coffee?

So, if you haven’t yet experienced the delicious liquid known as Bawls, find some. Quick. It’s hard to find, very rare, in fact. But most Targets and 7-11s carry these beautiful blue bottles of heaven.


  1. I speak on behalf of Carl Canary, senior at ER, because I know exactly what he would say to this post. And so, "Wanna touch my bawls?"

  2. Carl Canary5/4/07, 6:30 AM

    i would so say that


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