R#09 Vlog 02: A Typical Night in the Life of Matt

I left the camera on.


  1. Pretty much hilarious.
    Love the new intro music, btw.

    My favorite part was probably you weeping at your lack of comments. Good times.

    Love you!

  2. I really, really hope this wasn't staged. I laughed... a lot...

    I think the best part was when you found the minigun (and 90 minutes later, the chainsaw). Funny!!

  3. Han Solo versus Galvatron? ... ... ...

  4. Jess: Thanks! And yes, I spend quite a bit of time weeping quietly in my room.

    Lindsey: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll leave it up to the viewer as to whether this was staged or not. =p

    Jeff: It could happen.

  5. If it weren't for the scene in ANH where Han's DL-44 blasts big chunks out of Docking Bay 94, I'd be awfully ... curious as to how Han could one-shot Galvatron but, because of that scene, not so much.

  6. Very true. I always wondered how the DL-44 packed such a wallop. I mean, Greedo should have exploded if that were the case.

  7. Well, he did have that giant, gaping hole where his chest used to be. It could be a property of blasters causes them to do more damage to inanimate objects such as duracrete/permacrete than to organics, but that seems unlikely. The best in-universe explanation I can come up with is that Docking Bay 94 was somewhat dilapidated and falling apart on its own, although I have no evidence to support this.

  8. You know, with the sound off, your playing Doom did not look right at all.

    But then again, the carnal act which I am implying does have many parallels to that of playing a really good game.

  9. Haha. Very true, Damian. I was actually thinking about that exact thing while I was editing this video. I was like, "Ooh, that doesn't look right without the audio."

    Ah, well. "Doom" has the affect on me, I suppose.

  10. You are funnier than most. Pwn, you do.

  11. 1. I'm afraid to find out how true this is.

    2. This is a WAY delayed comment... this blog came out a long time ago.

    3. Statement number 2 does not detract from the fact that you and Nuss had the nerdiest conversation in recorded blog history. And THAT is saying something.


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