R#09 Vlog 03: Crappy DVD Releases and a Podcast Announcement


  1. 1) There aren't very many movies that are a must-see at the theater anymore.

    2) People are idiots, and movie theaters put those idiots into an enclosed space so that they can ruin my movie experience.

    3) Cineplexes have tiny screens and crappy pictures/sound. So, the only reason to go instead of waiting for DVD is the "audience experience", in which case I refer you back to my #2.

    4) 20 Minutes of crappy trailers.

    (If the movie title starts with "3" and ends with "00", then #1-4 do not apply because the kick-assness outweighs those considerations.)

    I'll go to the theater to see some big event movies, or movies I want to support, but otherwise I just don't enjoy it like I used to.

    :( And, yes, straight-to-DVD sucks.

  2. I pretty much agree with Shawn, mostly the part about people sucking a lot. Honestly, my disdain of the human race increases with every encounter and being put into a large room full of them kind of makes me want to kill myself.

    I mean, the ratio of times that I go to the movie and there isn't someone laughing at odd moments or too loudly or a child crying or someone commentating or SOMETHING that makes me not have a good time happens, to the times I enjoy my movie are about 5-1.

    So... if we could just exterminate the human race except for the select few that pass a certain IQ test, that would be great.

    On the subject of movie theaters and shitty corporate cineplexes such as Regal Entertainment Group, the problem is that they rarely can give anything that you can't get from a movie. Opening night with a lot of movie geeks just as excited (and respectful of other audience members) is really the only time you're guaranteed not to hate your experience, or for it to be memorable. I feel like the least they could do to battle this is to be less... corporate.
    While working for Regal, I'll never forget when I offered customer service to a guy who asked where he could go to find out cool info about movies by referring him to IMDB, and my manager whispered "Next time send them to Fandango. We're affiliates." In other words, Regal has chosen money over a memorable experience and really, a if your experience isn't memorable, why go.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to publish an article in response to your vlog. Look at it this way: it was an engaging topic. Nicely chosen!

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  4. "So... if we could just exterminate the human race except for the select few that pass a certain IQ test, that would be great."

    That's what I've been saying! Only I've been saying that in regards to everything.

    "Hey, Jeff, what do you think of facism?"
    "If we could just get rid of all the stupid people, that'd be great."

    "Hey, Jeff. What the hell is Pi Day about?"
    "There should be no legal repurcussions for me if I shoot you right now."

    "Hey, Jeff, do you like tater tots?"
    "If we could just exterminate the human race except for the select few that pass a certain IQ test, that would be great."

    True story.

  5. Love the Vlog Matt. This is the future of how media will work. No more corporate distributer! Down with the man!

    As for films, you would probably crap to know the last film I saw in the theater was six months ago--but it was at the Grand.

    Add to the movie theater costs (for me) babysitting and that roughly doubles the cost of the evening. But I do love watching the big screen. No replacement for that.

    And thanks for the plug for RSR.

    Jay Bates


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