A film divided: 'Grindhouse' to be split, re-released

Despite its overwhelming hype and positive reviews, "Grindhouse" flopped at the box-office. So what does the future hold for this double-feature?

Will "Death Proof" fair any better on its own? This film critic doubts it.

"Grindhouse" was always destined as two separate films overseas, but it sounds as though the Weinsteins have similar plans for a Stateside re-release. Due to a sadly underwhelming box-office performance, plans abound for a divided "Grindhouse." Rather than sticking with the "double-feature" formula, the Weinsteins have opted to release "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof" as two separate films.

So, am I the only one that finds this to be just the slightest bit ridiculous?

First of all, how would making "Grindhouse" less awesome help it fair better at the cinema? That's like saying, "Oh, our new super double cheeseburger isn't selling too well. How about we take off one of the patties and make the remaining one out of soy?" It's asinine to even think this strategy will result in success. The entire appeal of "Grindhouse" hinges on the fact that its two flicks for the price of one.

Secondly, whose to say that a re-release will generate interest? The film didn't do well in the first place, despite glowing critical response and a thriving online fanbase. Those who wanted to see it did, and chopping the thing in half won't get the remainder of the population into the theater.

So it didn't do so hot in the theater ... it happens with a lot of great films that deserve better ("King Kong," anyone? How about "Superman Returns"?). I really think a re-release is a mistake, one that can only end in loss for the Weinsteins. Splitting the films up is like separating "Q" and "U" -- it just doesn't feel right, like it goes against nature or something.

It's s shame that "Grindhouse" didn't fair well at the box-office, but this "solution" will not bode well for the studio.

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  1. Yeah, I'm way sad. I couldn't believe it didn't do well when you told me. Of course, this came after my dad had expressed interest and then opted instead for another movie that wasn't 3 1/2 - 4 hours long.
    Though it's appeal for smart people is in the 2 for one-ness of it, most people just don't want to sit in a dark room that long, and maybe that's what the Weinsteins are thinking.
    Still though, you're right. That blows.
    On a completely different topic: I like the light green text smattered throughout the new layout. Nice choice.


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