This tears it: Bay's Optimus Prime has lips!

As if making Bumblebee a Camaro wasn't blasphemous enough, now Michael Bay has gone and done the unthinkable ... he gave Optimus Prime a mouth!

For those not well-versed in Transformers lore: the Optimus on the left is the real one, the one on the right is tragically wrong.

That's it. I've sat here (relatively) quiet for the past year, watching silently as hack filmmaker Michael Bay publicly defaced a critical capstone in my childhood. With each trailer, with each production photo release, I was greeted with a ridiculous, shameful mockery of the Transformers. I've sat by and watched this all happen.

But no more.

In this TV spot, leaked on the internet just a few short days ago, it appears that Optimus Prime, the brave leader of the Autobots, has lips. Yes, lips -- a moving mouth and a set of luscious lips to adorn it. Now, many of the Transformers in the cartoon had lips; they had very human faces, with eyes, noses, mouths and lips.

So why am I so upset? Isn't it a good thing that Bay is actually doing something true to the cartoon? No, because here's the thing: Optimus Prime was one of the few Transformers without a mouth. Optimus, as you'll see in the comparison above, had a steel faceplate that concealed the lower portion of his face. The plate would shift up and down when he spoke, but there was no mouth or lips to really speak of.

But as you can see in that TV spot, Optimus clearly has lips that move when he talks.

And I know what everyone is thinking. You're all just amazed that I could be such an insufferable nerd -- that I could blow a gasket over some freaking robot's lips. But this isn't, in essence, the worst thing that Bay has done in this production; it is, however, the very last straw. He messed with the mythology, made Bumblebee (who was a Volkswagen Beetle in the cartoon) a damn Camaro, turned Megatron in some stupid alien jet, doused the entire film in his signature ad-placement, etcetera, etcetera ...

For me, a Transformers purist at heart, Optimus Prime's lips are simply the last nail in a coffin I've been attempting to seal for a year now.


  1. I'm sorry. That's really sad. Although it is a seemingly minor detail, I understand your sadness, having been a huge fan of the Harry Potter books only to watch them made into the cheese-ball, hacked to bits movies we know today.

    Having said that, you have said that you plan on seeing it, so... it's your funeral.

  2. Oh, and by the way, every time I come back to your blog I love the new design more and more. It's so fun, and while they background is black, the color scheme and the rockets make it so... colorful. Nicely done.

    (and "etcetera" is spelled "et cetera" with a space.) :)


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