R#09 Vlog 06: Matt vomits on Us Weekly (not literally)

I realize that it's pronounced "Us" weekly and not "U.S." weekly. I know, I'm an idiot.


  1. On an up side, this is most definitely your best video blog you've ever produced. Most interesting, well cut, visually interesting (what with the magazine visuals)... nicely done.

    Oh, and by the way, my step mother gets Us Weekly. That should give you a taste of the type of people who like that shit. And I noticed that no where in Us Weekly was there a single mentioning of an actual movie. I'm sorry. That's really sad.

    Maybe if you get your money back you can take it and subscribe to "Empire"? It makes me really sad that "Premier" went belly-up too. I always loved looking through it after you were done.

  2. Isn't Kenny Mayne on Dancing With the Stars? Or was? My point is, Kenny Mayne was never famous. Ever. Although his ability to deadpan during any conversation about anything, no matter how hilarious, is admirable.

    About the title of this magazine. "Us Weekly". Who, pray tell, is "us"? "Us" can quite clearly not be the reader because, regardless of how much the reader may care about the content contained therein, they are unable to alter it.

    At the same time, how can "us" be the celebrities themselves? They do not make the magazine, a bunch of nameless copy slaves, editors and staff writers make the magazine. The magazine is clearly not about these people, as that would be boring.

    My suggestion? Sue "Us Weekly" for false advertising. Then, when they're in the court room, kill them. Kill them all.

  3. Click,
    While I'm deeply sorry that you lost a good magazine, I agree with Jessica's take...hilarious vlog. Except the part about 32-year-old housewives...dangerously close, my friend. Dangerously close. And I hate that crap more than you because "they" think it's what I want in a magazine. Give me "The Atlantic" or "The New Yorker" anyday.
    -Lady Bang


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