Is it wrong that I'm excited at the prospect of another 'Hulk' film?

"Hulk say: it not wrong to hope! Hulk's movie kick ass!"

I absolutely hated Ang Lee's "Hulk." Eric Bana was terrible for the role, the film was a stylistic mess and it had way too much Nick Nolte for me to legally enjoy it. Ang Lee is a talented filmmaker, but he's not suited for comic films.

When I heard they were planning a second film, tentatively titled "The Incredible Hulk," I was skeptical. David Duchovny's name was tossed around as a possible choice for the role of Bruce Banner, and the production was kept pretty hush-hush.

Until now.

Now, almost a year after the rumors began, production is well on its way ... and we have three leads, a villain, a screenwriter and a director; get this, all of which I'm happy with. Edward Norton has signed on to play Bruce Banner (I know, WTF?!), Liv Tyler is Betty Ross (Hulk's love interest), screenwriter Zak Penn is helming the script and "Transporter" director Louis Leterrier is set to direct.

And now, news today straight from Rotten Tomatoes: Tim Roth, one of my favorite character actors and a severely under-appreciated talent, is set to play Hulk's arch-nemesis, Emil Blonsky and his alter-ego, Abomination. I'm not big into Hulk mythology, but I know that Abomination is essentially an evil Hulk-like creature, created after Blonsky purposefully exposes himself to Gamma radiation. Sounds awesome.

I know, I'm terrible: I hated the first "Fantastic Four," and yet I find myself excited about its sequel. And now, I'm all psyched out for "The Incredible Hulk." But I'm not being completely ridiculous -- the cast is stellar, the talent behind it solid. It's good to see they're going with an actual comic villain, as opposed to Nick Nolte (ugh). I just can't help it: I'm excited.

Here's to hoping for a great Hulk flick, set to release in June of '08.


  1. Horrible things can be remade for the better. Examples are currently alluding me, but I know they're out there.

    I'm more of a main-stream comic person. I enjoy my Superman, Spiderman and Batman. So when they come out with Fantastic Four or The Incredible Hulk, my reaction is more of a shrug and a "probably won't see it".

    So... yeah.

  2. Sounds like that commentary Hulk wrote for the Onion worked.

    I know more of the comic universe than Jess, probably, and I do enjoy the characters. If I were to actually see movies, I might like seeing them more. Personally, I wish DC would branch out a little, there's only so many stories they an tell about Batman and Superman.(Catwoman failed horrible but...)
    Someone needs to get some of those other characters out there.

  3. I'm agreeing with Danny. Where's the Wonderwoman love? (They make something on Electra before Wonderwoman? WHAT!?) Or Green Lantern...Supergirl...Captain America...come on guys. I love Superman just like the next guy...BUT HE HAS 3 (...4?) MOVIES ALL TO HIMSELF!! FKJLD cut the other guys some slack.

    Oh...yah...and I'm now excited for the Inc. Hulk. ^-^

  4. Matt-

    You need to temper your optimism a little. I understand second chances, but the Hulk movie was literally one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I think the concept might be ok, but I'm going to have to pass. The big green guy is not cut out for hollywood.


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