My pitch for a television cop drama -- you know you'd watch it

Seattle, Washington. The year is 2067. Once, it was the Evergreen state's finest jewel. Now, it is a twisted mockery of what it once was. Polluted, dark, dingy; overrun with drugs, violence and prostitution. Renegade gangs of cyborgs roam the streets, stealing and murdering as they please. The sewers are overrun with mutants, who spill into the streets come nighttime and wreak havoc. The people live in fear. The police force is helpless. The stagnant air is filled with the cries of the weak and the poor, calling out for someone, anyone, to save them.

Enter Jax Stryker. Born and bred in Manhattan, Jax is a tough cop on the edge of the law. Heavily armed and trained to kill, Jax arrives in Seattle with every intention of ridding the streets of the Emerald City of the villainy that seizes it. It's tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Jax will battle robotic gang members, mutated sewer hoodlums, genetically enhanced zombies and all manner of strange and unusual evil. He will rally the scattered and bewildered police force to him, making a final stand for the fate of Seattle. With his sidekick, Hooper (a wisecracking robotic dinosaur), Jax will kick ass and take names, not resting until Seattle is restored to its former beauty.

This fall, Fox presents: "Stryker: Seattle", a cop drama so ridiculously cool, you won't be able to not watch it. Hovercar chases, laser-gun shootouts and androids abound in this groundbreaking new television series.

Catch "Stryker: Seattle" this Fall on Fox. Rupert Murdoch commands you.


  1. Fox wouldn't run it. It has to have the obligatory, contrived love-interest.

    Picture this: An episode in which Jax saves a helpless Seattlite (Tracy?) from the grips of death. She is now his love interest and they team up occasionally. There could even be a triangle created when a foil of tracy comes into the picture. She's everything Tracy isn't: ballsy, mean, sarcastic, exotic - and she's threatening Tracy's territory.

    There could be mud-wrestling involved, if you so choose.

  2. Jax Stryker?

    Jax Stryker?!?

    Matt, you have obviously played way too much Mortal Kombat.

  3. Jess: I agree. I don't think Fox would even market the thing. If they did, they'd under-advertise it, run the episodes out of order, and drop it after a season.

    Jeff: You know what's funniest about that? I didn't even realize it until you said something.

  4. can hooper be voiced by richard dreyfus?


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