Marvel ups the ante with Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man, Cap America, Thor, the Avengers

Marvel has a lot of casting to do.

I love comic books. I firmly believe that the spandex-wearing superheroes who grace the pulp pages of our graphic novels are the mythological beings of a modern age. The Romans had Zeus and the Titans; we have Captain America and the Avengers. Comic books are an essential art form; epic stories of mythic beings, battling evil and enacting justice.

So, we can safely assume that I haven’t the slightest problem with film-adaptations of these aforementioned heroes and their adventurous escapades.

In recent years, the number of comic book adaptations being produced for cinema has increased dramatically. This past year alone we had “300,” “Spider-Man 3” and “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.” The sheer success of comic book films, both financially and, oftentimes, critically, warrants the production of more.

And nobody understands this better than the studio executives over at Marvel Comics.

After forming their own production and marketing studio, Marvel is throwing every resource into producing comic book films. With “Iron Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” well into production, and definite plans for Ant Man, Thor and Captain America adaptations, Marvel’s line-up is indeed impressive. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Marvel, in creating its own film production studio, is about to attempt what was, formerly, quite impossible.

Have you ever wanted to see a “Justice League” film? How about a “Batman vs. Superman” flick? We all know it’s not possible, as studio boundaries prevent characters from appearing in films together. But with Iron Man, Ant Man, Thor and Captain America all owned by this newly formed Marvel Studios, the prospect of an Avengers film is a definite possibility.

“The idea that what's preventing certain characters from crossing over in the past is the fact that they were all divvied up at different studios,” Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige said on the set of “Iron Man.” “There were big giant gates in between them and they couldn't play in the same sandbox. Now that we have Hulk and Thor and Captain and Iron Man and Ant Man, it certainly would indicate to me that it might be fun to see them all in the same sandbox at some point.”

Rumors abound that screenwriter Zak Penn (writer of several Marvel flicks, including “Fantastic Four” and “X2”) has already been pegged to develop a script for an Avengers film.

But Feige says it might be a while before production begins. “Certainly we're introducing them and building them into their own franchises first.”

I certainly don’t have a problem with an Avengers film. If Marvel manages to wrangle each hero’s respective actor (Robert Downey, Jr. for Iron Man, of course), more power to ‘em. While comic book franchises don’t always translate well to the screen (“Punisher,” anyone? “Elektra?”), a good many of them are fun, well-made films.

Here’s to Marvel and their ballsiness; I’d much prefer it if they marketed their own flicks anyhow. Now, who to play Thor and Captain America? My vote goes to Neal McDonough for the Cap, and, wait for it … Gary Oldman as Thor. I know, it’s a bit off-the-wall, but Oldman’s got the right stuff. He’s a strong actor, even while tapping into his colorful side – and in order to play the Mjolnir-wielding son of Odin, you need to be a bit colorful. Just go with it, OK?


  1. ow kay ow kay ow kay, i get wat ure sayin but u forgot bout the ending of iron man wer samiuel l jackson (nick fury) talks to iron man bout the avengers mission so theres not a possibility of marvel making the movie, its a definate certanty, ps i cant spell lmao well i hope i helped

  2. No, I didn't forget about the ending of Iron Man. If you'd take the time to actually look at the entry, it's dated June of 2007.


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