R#09 Vlog - Ask Matt, Pt. II


  1. That Indiana Jones hat is the reason we're together, btw. And I'm really glad you didn't divulge whose head that Spartan helmet fits on.

    I especially enjoyed the bit with all your movie memorabilia. Definitely great. If you could get enough questions, you should do this more often.

  2. 2 questions.

    2 QUESTIONS!!!

    Gojira is not amused!

  3. The camera loves you, baby.
    On another personal note, my heart sank when you mentioned that Shia LaBeowulf will be in the fourth Indiana Jones movie. He's a good actor - agreed - and I LOVED him on Even Stevens, but recently I've grown simply sick of him. He was in I, Robot - hated his role - he was in War of the Worlds - exact same role, and I hated it more. He was in Disturbia, which I did not care to see and heard mixed reviews from, and he will be in Transformers, which may be signify the crescendo of my hatred for him.
    With the exception of Holes and the Even Stevens movie on that island, I despise him in movie roles. I hope to the Henry Jones Sr. in the sky that Indiana Jones will be an exception.

  4. Indiana Jones 4 just needs Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies and it might just explode in vast amounts of awesome. I'm not a huge fan of Shia, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt with Spielberg around.

  5. The stuff you were saying about Star Wars wasn't even THAT nerdy... mostly because everyone knows who those characters are.

    Let's talk the books, and then see how nerdy you/we sound. :)

  6. Many thanks for the answer to my question. Erik and I used to laugh ourselves sick watching MST3K weekend afternoons. Then we had a kid. That pretty much wiped my mind of all other info. Thanks for the memories, man.


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