Questions are in, vlog to follow soon!

Hey folks. Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days. Ended up feeling pretty ill on Friday and Saturday -- a kind of dull, feverish body ache overtook me. In any case, I've a bit of good news for you readers.

I have a pretty sufficient amount of questions submitted, so I will be filming the Ask Mat Vlog early this week. Expect it no later than Thursday. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions: if you sent one, you WILL be adressed. I might not get to every single question (sorry, Jeff -- just can't be done), but I will answer a least a few of each person's (if you sent multiples, that is).

So, keep an eye out for that. Catch you guys on the flip-side.


  1. Uh ... yeah me?

  2. Consider me very excite.

  3. Also, for the record, I prefer the phrase "special kind of devotion" over "lack of a social life".

    Regardless, it took like, 25, 30 minutes.


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