Three shifts away and I'm excited

I am three shifts away from being done at Hollywood Video. In celebration, I will be doing a "I'm No Longer a Video Clerk" vlog, in which I rant and rave about all the crazy things that happened to me while I was there. I'll recount some stories, recall the few fond memories I have and even reveal a few of Hollywood Video's dirty secrets (GASP!). So, expect that in a few days time. See you then.


  1. I know this will be good!!! Have fun not working at Hollywood video. You're not going back next year right? I hate how this thing never lets me capitalize my name...

  2. St. Celestine, Hieromartyr of the Palatine Crusade8/17/07, 1:48 AM

    I agree. Write more. And to Dan, if you click "View comments" then, yes, your name is un-capitalized. However, if you click on the title of a post, it brings you to a new page, with the comments, all names in their full capitalized glory.

  3. Dirty secrets? Paint me intrigued, Sr. Click.


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