Good. Freaking. Lord.

How long has it been? Three weeks? A month? My blog, once so familiar and homey to me, feels strange, even alien. But this entry seems oddly familiar ... almost as if I've written it before ...

Ah, yes. I have. A dozen times, I have. The old, "Sorry I've been gone for so long, expect a whole assload of updates soon." This entry is, indeed, similar. But it's not the same. Not exactly, anyways.

This is a "Sorry I've been gone so long, and don't expect any updates soon" entry.

You see, I started school again. On top of this, I started my new job: A&E editor of The Mast, PLU's weekly campus paper. Both of these endeavors are sucking up a fair amount of my time. You can imagine, there isn't a lot of time for me to fart around on my blog anymore.

However, I will try. I will try my darnedest, dear readers.

An entry a week doesn't sound too hefty. In fact, I think I can manage that. Maybe even two ... maybe. So, check back later this weekend. Who knows, maybe there'll be something.


  1. An entry a week, it's been far more than that. I miss this, too. And I just joined the facebook group for this.


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