Aiken in Spamalot? What a terrible idea!

CNN reports that American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken (who is, ironically, more popular than winner Ruben Studdard) will be portraying the cowardly Sir Robin in the Monty Python Broadway production of Spamalot. This news was, naturally, met with a lot of cocked heads and arched brows.

From many Python purists, it was met with a lot of "WHAT THE HELL?!"

And for good reason. The casting of Aiken is one of the more off-the-wall choices in recent memory. I'm not pretending to know much about Broadway or musical theatre in general, but Aiken as Sir Robin strikes me as a severely terrible concept. Aiken's attitude in the above AP interview only reaffirms my opinion on the matter.

"Until three months ago, I thought Monty Python was a person," Aiken admitted. He also confessed that, after seeing Spamalot for the first time, he thought it was "the stupidest thing ever produced."

So how the hell did he land the job? He's ignorant as to the sheer brilliance of Python. Plus, Aiken is a pop star (and not a very good one, while we're on the subject). What business could he possibly have on Broadway? Frankly, this critic is at a loss.


  1. As A Spamalot purist I was baffled too.Saw it over the weekend, It pains me to say it but Clay was quite good. very funny, his Brother Maynard was better than I thought it would be, I'd see it again anytime, so I give him his due...he's really good in it.

  2. I hated Aiken on American Idol and I hate him ever more today. Clay's music has absolutely no meaning at all. Five minutes of his crap, and I'm begging for Kenny G.

    If there was a barf emoticon, I'd add it right here:

  3. I'm inclined to agree with Chris. But it's interesting to hear he holds his own among the Pythons, Nick. Thanks for the comments, guys!

  4. I think Clay Aiken is really good singer. You dont have to like his music but the man can sing.
    As for Spamalot, I also saw it recently and Clay was remarkably good in it. Definitely able to hold his own on that stage among much more seasoned Broadway performers. It's a bit difficult to review something without seeing it, don't you think?

  5. With all due respect, anonymous reader, this isn't a review in any way. This is simply my reaction to what is, in my opinion, off-the-wall casting.


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