Nothing will ever be cooler than this image

Man, Empire always lucks out! In next month's issue, the Brit film magazine will carry a new and totally exclusive image from this May's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Brace yourself:

Here it is.

Yeah, I know. I am so damn psyched.


  1. That is pretty damn awesome. However, I was almost more excited by the cover of the next issue that you see if you scroll down a bit.

  2. Yeah, the Hellboy cover is pretty badass. I might have to pick that issue up. There's a ton of cool stuff in it.

  3. not so sure that shia with mutton chops works. and why is the title so long? sounds like a gundam tv series title, except half the length and absent any Japanese-to-English sexual innuendo mistakes, e.g., Gundam Delta Force 14 Beta - Triumph Boldly Soldiering for Greater Length and Width.


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