Ledger's cause of death billed 'accidental overdose'

CNN is reporting that actor Heath Ledger's death was an accident, attributed to an overdose of painkillers and anxiety pills. I'm not sure why, but to learn that Ledger's passing was an accident makes it harder to deal with. Such a tragedy.


  1. I think it would have been more difficult if he had killed himself. To know that it was an accident makes it more tragic - he didn't want to die and he had plans for his life and was really starting to bloom. But I really didn't want to believe that he killed himself.

    It sort of brings a bit of solace, for me.

  2. There are two ways to look at Heath Ledger - as a person and as an acting resource.
    Not knowing him on a personal level, there is still the common human struggle that I feel worse knowing it was an accident - similar to if he was hit by a bus or died in a shuttle explosion.
    But regardless of how he died - suicide or accident - he and his talent are gone and nothing can change that.


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