May I gloat a bit?

A year in page traffic with Rocket Number 09:

Thank you to everyone who visits, reads and comments. You folks are the reason I don't give up entirely on this waste of cyberspace I call a blog. I truly appreciate each and every reader. I never thought Rocket Number 09 would draw so much attention to itself, but I'm tracking thousands of hits a week presently. Now, keep it up. I want to see that grassy hill get steeper and steeper and steeper. Shall we shoot for a 90ยบ angle?


  1. That's awesome! So you're currently getting roughly 30,000 hits per week? You're kind of the coolest.

    You should earn the attention through more frequent posts. :)

  2. 30,000 hits per week? Uh ... I wish, Jess. That would be 30,000 hits so far in 2008.

  3. Sorry. The graph was slightly confusing.

    That's still impressive, though. :)

  4. But not nearly as impressive as 30,000 hits a week.


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