Trailer Trashing: California

Faithful readers of Rocket Number 09 will recall that this past summer I had the fantastic idea to riff on public domain movie trailers à la Mystery Science Theater 3000 and post them here for your enjoyment. It was called Trailer Trashing and it could have been great. However, the idea was short-lived and died after one ill-conceived attempt. But I never forgot that one brilliant idea... it has stayed with me these long months and it now returns bigger, badder and better than ever with the 1945 classic California.

I hope to continue Trailer Trashing well into the summer and beyond, drawing upon the literally hundreds of public domain trailers and short films at humanity's disposal. Who knows... I might even bring in a guest or two to riff with me!

Please forgive the audio. It's a little iffy presently. As these progress (I'd like to start doing one a week), I will be working out the kinks. Until then, enjoy. Leave me some constructive criticism and let me know what you think. Feel free to ask any questions you might have as well, pertaining to the programs or methods I use. I had fun making this, so I fully intend on continuing. Thanks for reading and for watching, dear readers.


  1. Oh Matt, it's been too long since I checked up w/#09 (or would it be Rocket? What is the appropriate shorthand for ROCKETnumber09?) I'm glad you're still going though.

  2. This is awesome. I'm excited for what's coming next.

    One bit of constructive criticism (you can always count on me) though: I would riff a little less. Some of the funniest moments in MST3K are when they let the corny dialog or the absurdity of a scene speak for itself; or if they just let themselves laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

    Great idea! I'm excited you decided to not give up on this one.

  3. Daniel: It's typically been abbreviated as R#09. Thanks for the comment!

    Jess: It's tough with the trailers, because they're only two minutes long. I'm sure I'll eventually strike a balance, though. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Dear God - You sound like Michael Moore narrating.

    Whether that is good or bad is purely to the listener's discretion.

    Good job, and I agree with Jess. Needs more original audio/cowbell.

  5. So, I saw Temple of Doom today. Know how it starts in a club scene in Shanghai (circa 19 aught 35) where Indy and Willie and lots of Chinese patrons engage in a balloon-showering gong-shooting extravaganza?
    Yeah, the name of the club is Club Obi-Wan.
    I say this with a little hesitance, as I'm sure you already knew this.
    And the trailer trashing? Not bad at all. I'm no sans-John Wayne western fan, but I can appreciate a Flaming Technicolor Romance! when I see one. Did they make trailers for silent films? Could you make a trailer for a known silent film, like Nosferatu or Nostradamus or Noswentoholdem (I made up the last one - can you tell?)?

  6. Damian: I sound like Michael Moore? I honestly have not heard that before. Nor do I really understand why you think so. But whatever. Thanks for the comment, all the same.

    Thayer: I was aware of the Obi-Wan reference in Temple of Doom. I'm fairly certain that trailers weren't used extensively until the mid-to-late 1930s. Advertisement prior to this was done by posters, newspaper ads, and good, ol' fashioned word o' mouth. Thanks for stopping by!


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