Trailer Trashing: Safety - In Danger Out of Doors

Featuring Darrin Jones, friend and all-around funny guy! The all-powerful and omnipresent Guardiana -- by day a youthful, succesful, attractive freelance architect -- teaches young children about the dangers of being outside. Big shoutout to Darrin for writing and improvising some hilarious riffs with me. Let's do it again real soon, eh?

Everyone, please do excuse the audio on this one. It was tough normalizing the volume of two people. However, this won't be a problem soon, as I am buying a brand new mic for Trailer Trashing which will speed up the process and result in professional quality audio. Look forward to that!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. "I hate us."
    And her shield was just a painted trash can lid with three candles on it. And Guardiana was hiding one hell of a hangover under those massive sunglasses - what is it with superheroes and minor coverage of the face? Do they think we can't recognize how the rest of their body and their voice are exactly the same as the crossing guard/freelance architect - and what's a freelance architect doing on a dusty road at night getting assaulted by aliens? I imagine she was on her way to a rock and roll concert, where she'd use her guarding powers for evil, like keeping Jimi Hendrix alive long enough to undermine the american government!
    Also, in the twelve minutes Guardiana wasted saving kids who are just going to be having unprotected sex in 5 years, 100 women were raped in the Saskatchewan alone.
    Where are your priorities, Guardiana? Use your mysterious baton and garbage lid and absurdly-long-distance hearing for good, not campy public service anouncements.
    Though I wouldn't mind getting my public serviced by Guardiana, if you know what I mean.
    And that's why I should be a guest on this. But I'll just make my own. Where do you scrounge up these old videos, matt?

  2. Thayer: Thanks for asking! I find all of these little public domain gems at www.archive.org. Your comments are always awesome, so please keep reading and watching!


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