Exciting news, not-so exciting news

My spies have informed me of two things this morning. One: the legal dispute delaying Zack Snyder's Watchmen adaptation has come to a close, with Warner Bros. and Fox coming to an agreement. And two: now that Fox has lost its white-knuckled hold on one franchise I love, it's set its sights on a new one: Cowboy Bebop.

Yes, that's right. Fox has secured the rights to Cowboy Bebop and wants KEANU REEVES in the lead role of bounty hunter Spike Spiegel (see preliminary casting photo to the left -- lulz) My guess is that the soundtrack won't even feature Yoko Kanno. I also anticipate a happy ending.

I'm glad Watchmen is out of limbo and headed for theaters, but I am not looking forward to my least favorite studio producing an adaptation of my favorite anime.


  1. You know... I would have thrown Watchmen into a bonfire and danced around it if it meant that Keanu Reeves went no where near Cowboy Bebop. Honest to God. The man has the emotional range of a toothpick and he somehow gets his hands on Spike Spiegel? Bullshit. This is probably the most depressing news I've heard in some time.

  2. I am glad that Watchmen is out of Limbo. What do you think about this whole different ending thing?

    I am trying to remind myself that Alan Moore has separated himself ages ago, so it already is a bit of a bastardized form of media. And then I try to tell myself that the graphic novel ending was done in such a way as to evoke a specific audience response, and that it would fall flat now, and that in an effort to evoke that same response they have changed the ending.

    I am not sure that I buy it.

    Keanu Reeves? Seriously? What is the world coming to...


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