Only two days left!

Hey Trashers!

This is your last reminder -- only two days remain until the official deadline for the first annual Great Trashing. There's still time to jot down a few jokes to send in, so get cracking! Remember, this can only work with your support, and you're guaranteed to hear at least one of your jokes (and likely more) in the finished episode, set for release in February. Don't miss out! Get your submissions in now!

Head to Rocket Number 09 to watch the video and read the official rules:

And email submissions into me at rocketnumber09@gmail.com.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Well, y'know, maybe I'd send something in if you put up your review of Milk.

    Just, y'know, a possibility.

  2. I am writing it. It's sort of a tough film to review, you have to understand. I'm also busy with other things. But I'm committed now, so... eventually.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Why did an anonymous person get on and say not to be a jerk? Was an obscene, hateful or otherwise offensive comment removed?

  5. I really have no idea. But it looks like spam to me. DELETED.


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