Alice trailer making the rounds

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has a trailer! Check it out here.

I'm kinda feeling put-off by how much they're banking on Depp's Mad Hatter. I hope the movie doesn't revolve around him for once. Also keep an eye out for obvious 3-D effects (the Cheshire Cat, Depp's Hatter unrolling rugs, et cetera).


  1. Yeah, Tim Burton can't help making Depp the center of things. I'm sure they're fucking.

  2. Maybe I'm alone in thinking this, but it seems a little CG-heavy and "meh" all around. And someone needs to tell Tim Burton that there are more than 4 actors in the world.

  3. Amen, friends. I'd die of shock if I saw a Burton film released nowadays without Depp and Bonham Carter in prominent roles.

    On one hand, a director is more than welcome to enlist a team of trusted actors. Tarantino does it, Jackson does it, Spielberg does it.

    But Depp plays very similar characters in every Burton film. I think even the hardcore Burton fans are getting a little miffed about it.


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