Comic-Con: Day One

Comic-Con began tonight with its preview night. Nothing too terribly exciting to report as of yet, but we have seen some new posters for films like Jonah Hex, Prince of Persia, and Tim Burton's upcoming Alice in Wonderland.

You can see them all here.

I'm not blown away by any of them, personally. Though Johnny Depp is creeping me out a little more than usual as the Mad Hatter.

Though I'm excited for Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex, the poster is fairly bland and uninteresting. Seeing the trademark facial scars is nice, but I'm a little tired of the people-standing-around-at-tilted-angles action movie poster. This is no exception. Also, did anyone else notice that Megan Fox's waist appears to have been digitally thinned to the point of looking inhuman? I mean, I know corsettes are slimming, but damn! Her insides are just being demolished!

And speaking of bland and downright awful posters, can we talk about the travesty that is Prince of Persia? Sorry, Jake, but you look more like a mediocre cosplayer than anything else. Seriously, should we be thanking Jake's mom for getting his Prince costume done in time for Comic-Con? This movie is going to suck on toast.

Also worth looking at is Maximum PC's gallery of images from Comic-Con's opening night. Catching a glimpse of armors for Iron Man 2 has to be the highlight for me.

Big news with Disney's lineup, which included a sneak peek at their upcoming Tron in 3-D. Quint over at AICN has got it covered. Check out some of the images! Looking pretty slick.

And, finally, the biggest news (and my favorite) to come out of the Con thus far is the 20-minute preview of James Cameron's Avatar. AICN's Quint covers the glory here.

UPDATE: If you can get past Harry "Neck-beard" Knowles' idiotic writing style, he has a fairly comprehensive wrap-up online now, which includes a pretty amusing commentary on the New Moon panel:
And lastly - the strutting Pattinson appeared - the screams were the most piercing here. And he seemed to me to reflect a degree of disdain for all this. I believe that outside of the money and the credit to his career that this is doing - he really deep down would admit he regrets being Edward. He doesn't seem comfortable with the screams, the constant following and cult that has really overpowered him.
Keep checking back on R#09 all this weekend for continuing daily wrap-ups on San Diego's Comic-Con 2009!

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